miércoles, 5 de noviembre de 2014

Picasso Museum in Paris

Every first sunday of the month the entrance to the Picasso Museum in Paris is free and the rest of the days the ticket it is only 11 euros. This morning I got up early to get there for a visit and I was not disappointed. The Picasso Museum in is the district of Le Marais, the jewish town of Paris.
There is something about being there and watching the real thing rather than seeing all in pictures or books. You know that the hands of the artist have been there touching and his eyes looking at his work of art as he was creating it all.
Once Picasso found his way, which he did very quickly as he said: "I search not, I find", then it had to be done fast, I mean, there were no time for "perfection" because photography was already invented and they reflect a perfect copy of the reality. When an idea came through his head, he had to materialize it fast and it is fair to say that the public of his time did not admire his work.

He did not paint to please people. And now let's start our walk through this wonderful art gallery, the visit is organized chronologically in this inaugural exhibition.
The Death of Casagemas
Self portrait
As you can see light was not so optimized and you can see the reflections on the glass sometimes

La Celestina

Well, this one is also a Picasso

Study for Les demoiselles d'avignon. He did about 700 drawings before the final painting.
Head of Fernande

Head of Fernande too

The Sacre Coeur
Guitars in cardboard and paper

Three women at the fountain 

Paolo in harlequim

Portrait of Olga thinking

Portrait of Olga

Head of a woman

Woman sitting on an red armchair with crossed legs

Woman reading, I think it is Marie Therese here.
Marie Therese

Dora Maar

Bull's head
Next paintings are about bull fighting and Minotaur scenes.


Massacre in Korea

The kiss

A Cezanne's painting from Picasso private collection

The kiss: Dora Maar and Marie Therese?

A Renoir's painting from Picasso's private collection

The kiss


The two brothers

The acrobat

A boy with a lobster

The kitchen

For this monkey figure he used his son's toys

Well, this is me..
I hope you enjoy it. I cannot remember all the paintings names. The visit was wonderful, as well as the promenade in the Jewish town.