Olive Oil Magic

Olive Oil for healing, cooking and so mch more
Did you know that olive oil can heal ear aches?
Or that you can make a lamp with that will give you light for hours?
You can also make 100% organic beauty cream that will sooth and nourish your skin for the whole day.
Besides that, you can cook with and enjoy the benefits of the healthy Mediterranean Diet with the tasty Spanish recipes included.
Olive oil is magic because it can do so many wonderful things for you, all in one single product.

In this book you will find:

1. How to use olive oil for healing and well being.
2. How to make your own cosmetic products.
3. 7 Spanish recipes that will bring all Mediterranean diet benefits to you.

And more: how to use olive oil for so many other things.

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Table of contents

PART 1. Olive oil for healing and well being
• Healing ear aches
• Olive tree leaves for hypertension
• Soothing bumps and blues
• Getting rid of baby's cradle cap
• Olive oil for dry feet
PART 2. Olive oil for cosmetics
• Natural face cream recipe
• Moisturizing mask for dry hair
• Olive oil as body milk
PART 3. Spanish recipes
• What is the Mediterranean Diet
• Spanish food and cooking tips
• Fried egg
• Gazpacho
• Tortilla de patatas (Spanish potatoes omelet)
• Caballas en adobo (Mackerels marinated)
• Ensalada de tomates rojos (Red tomatoes salad)
• Salmorejo
• Gambas al ajillo (Garlic shrimp)
• Olive oil for so much more
• How to make an olive oil lamp
• Make your 100% organic soap
• Make your furniture shine
• Afterword
• About the Author

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